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Energy and Industrial Group Membership Criteria

Energy and Industrial Group members must meet the following entry requirements:

  • Supply direct specialist support services to the energy and industrial sectors.
  • Add additional value to the group’s capabilities or capacity
  • Demonstrate professional and technical capabilities.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to and positive track record on HS&E matters
  • Present to the group their company services and capabilities at least once every 18 months
  • Have a registered office in New Zealand.
  • Be financially sound
  • Preferably be supported by an existing member of the Energy and Industrial Group.
  • Pay the relevant joining and annual membership fees within 30 days of invoice (membership will not be finalised until receipt of payments).
  • Conform to the Code of Ethics.

Note that potential member may not be excluded solely on the basis of being in direct competition with an existing member, as long as that applicant adds further value to the group. By continuing on to the application form to apply, your company confirms that it has read the New Applicant information and will meet the criteria above.

By continuing to the application form you are confirming you have read the above and that you meet the criteria.

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